Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The city that loves you back

Sandwich dispute turns deadly for Brewerytown deli worker:
The customer said he wanted the sandwich prepared a specific way, which irritated the employee, who said he did not need to be told how to make a sandwich, according to police. Police said they did not know what type of sandwich was being prepared.


Anonymous Madeleine said...

That could have happened in Jackson. True story:

I was at Art and Kathy's Sub Shop over in Cassville to order a hoagie and soak up some local color. As my sandwich was being made I casually asked Kathy (a thin, cantankarous woman who dangles a cigarette from her lips as she prepares food) what was she going to put on it.

Her reply was harsh and swift: Don't worry what I'm going to put on it! I've been making subs for 23 years and I don't need anybody's help! Or something to that effect. It was even more dramatic due to the cigarette.

Art stepped up and gently guided Kathy into the back storeroom. I'm sorry about that,he told me. Kathy's been having a lot of back pain lately and she isn't herself. Those of us on the other side of the counter awkwardly nodded and murmured vague words of understanding.

Just then Kathy came back to the counter and brusquely took the next customer's order. We were all a little taken aback by what had happened and didn't know how to bridge the silence. Art turned to me and asked, What should I put on your sub?

Just what I was waiting for! Don't you know? I demanded. You've been making subs for 23 years and you have to ask me what goes on a tuna hoagie?!"

The briefest silence fell. Gradually people started getting the joke; Art looked relieved that I wasn't going to march out the door never to return. Our eyes met and even Kathy laughed a little when she realized how I turned her comment back on her.

But I suspect things could have turned out deadlier if Kathy's back hadn't been so stiff.

10/16/2005 8:59 PM  
Blogger John said...

Cigarette ash is the secret ingredient! No wonder Kathy got defensive....?

10/21/2005 1:11 PM  

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