Sunday, July 10, 2005

There's many a river that waters the land

Brazos Street by colorcritical.
Used with permission.
Here in Philadelphia, the streets are named after American trees, in order from hard (walnut) to soft (pine), north to south. In Austin, which I've been missing a bit lately, the names are from Texas rivers. There's an old song about those rivers that I heard recently, returning me to my time there.
Verse 1:
We cross the wild Pecos,
We forded the Nueces,
We swum the Guadalupe,
And we followed the Brazos;
Red River runs rusty,
The Wichita clear,
But down by the Brazos
I courted my dear.
The full lyrics. (I'm not aware of Little, Sabine or Sulphur streets. The rest can be found in Austin.)


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