Monday, July 04, 2005

Is the flag Republican?

Lawprof Althouse and other discuss the (assumed) politics of displaying the flag.

One of the first things I learned while canvassing for Kerry last fall was that I could usually tell, just by looking at a house, whether the occupants of a house were Republicans or Democrats. The most reliable sign of a Dem house was creative gardening, especially if it was somewhat overgrown. The most reliable sign of a Repub house was an American flag in the yard.

Sure, the flag belongs to everyone. But the right wing has claimed the flag as a symbol just as liberals have shied away from it. This is the wrong idea and liberals (and leftists) should resist it. In other words, we should place our beliefs and values within the American tradition, rather than allowing the folks with different ideas to claim that tradition for themselves alone.

This was on my mind when I took the Moorestown flag pictures. I bet these folks on Second Street are Democrats, and they have the right idea.

Happy Independence Day, everyone.


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