Saturday, July 30, 2005

Dilemma in the big tent

Bill Frist made some political waves this week by endorsing federal funding for more expansive stem-cell research.

This must be a dilemma for any Republican politician on the national stage. Certainly, there are a lot of culture-of-life types who oppose this research, and they are influential in Frist's party. But I think back to my experience canvassing in Austin last fall. Occasionally I would speak to Republicans who planned to vote for Kerry. More often than not, Bush's stem cell policy was their reason.

Apparently, Frist is coming back around to his pre-2001 position (in 2001, Bush offered a compromise supporting research to support only using existing "lines" of stem cells). So, if all else fails, maybe Frist can say, à la Kerry, that he opposed stem cell research before he supported it.


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