Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The court of public opinion

In a 2-1 ruling, an NJ appellate court held that gay marriage is not required by the state constitution. This decision will be appealed to the state supreme court.

Steve Goldstein, who leads Garden State Equality, is happy about the ruling, reports the Inquirer.
The appellate decision means that gay marriage will not be an election-year issue, and that's a relief, Goldstein said.

"We think we're in terrible shape, both because of public opinion, which is in favor of gay marriage in New Jersey, and because of all of our years of work on this issue," he said.
If Goldstein really believes gay marriage won't be an issue in the governor's race, he's probably wrong, given the national prominence of the issue.

The candidates' strategies will be interesting. Forrester knows that emphasizing "cultural" issues is dangerous, but if he entirely neglects the cultural-conservative wing of his party he risks losing the Schundler voters. If Forrester decides to punt, will Corzine choose to take advantage of the apparent popularity of gay marriage around these parts?


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